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Video Timestamp, Table of contents:

» 00:00:00 - 00:02:59 — Unveiling the Traffic Secrets: Discover the secret behind unstoppable traffic with Mike Filsaime. Learn how to revolutionize your business with the Traffic Syndicate web class, promising a transformational experience if distractions are set aside.

» 00:03:00 - 00:05:59 — The Power of Focused Learning: Mike emphasizes the importance of undivided attention for the next two hours, presenting an opportunity for life transformation. He prepares to unveil 12 fundamental laws of a fail-proof ad campaign.

» 00:06:00 - 00:08:59 — Interactive Engagement and Exclusive Offers: Mike seeks audience permission to share about Traffic Syndicate, promising valuable content first. A sense of community involvement is fostered, enhancing the learning experience.

» 00:09:00 - 00:11:59 — Leveraging Personal Success for Audience Benefit: Mike Filsaime shares his remarkable journey from managing car dealerships to becoming a digital marketing legend, highlighting his desire to share the secrets of his success.

» 00:12:00 - 00:14:59 — From Struggle to Success: Mike narrates his personal journey of overcoming financial struggles, emphasizing the transformation through online marketing mastery and funnel conversion techniques. A relatable and inspiring story for aspiring entrepreneurs.

» 00:15:00 - 00:17:59 — The Big Reveal - Secret SOPs of Media Buying: Mike is set to unveil his company’s standard operating procedures for media buying, promising to share exclusive insights that have significantly boosted his business's success.

» 00:18:00 - 00:20:59 — Audience Engagement and Diverse Traffic Strategies: Mike interacts with the audience, acknowledging their diverse businesses and traffic methods. This segment emphasizes the importance of understanding audience needs in marketing.

» 00:21:00 - 00:23:59 — Demystifying Traffic Failure and the Path to Success: Addressing common misconceptions, Mike explains why many traffic attempts fail, setting the stage for revealing the 12 fundamental laws of effective advertising.

» 00:24:00 - 00:26:59 — Journey from Debt to Digital Marketing Mastery: Mike shares his inspiring transition from financial struggles to mastering digital marketing, showcasing how understanding traffic and conversion can lead to remarkable financial freedom.

» 00:27:00 - 00:29:59 — Expert Transition and Introduction to Jesse Dobek: As Mike transitions the webinar to Jesse Dobek, he prepares the audience for an in-depth exploration of the 12 fundamental laws of no-fail ad campaigns, promising a session filled with expert insights.

» 00:22:00 - 00:24:59 — Jesse's Journey from Debt to Digital Mastery: Discover how Jesse went from $120,000 in debt to mastering online marketing and working with top industry names like Brendan Burchard, leveraging Facebook pages for unprecedented traffic and engagement.

» 00:25:00 - 00:27:59 — Unveiling the 12 Fundamental Laws: Jesse teases Law #9 as a groundbreaking revelation and lays out the first three laws for successful ad campaigns: Defining objectives, knowing your audience, and embracing AI tools.

» 00:28:00 - 00:30:59 — Choosing the Right Channel and Objective: Learn the importance of selecting the optimal platform and setting clear objectives, whether it's generating leads for high-ticket offers or aiming for direct product purchases.

» 00:31:00 - 00:33:59 — Streamlining the Funnel for Maximum Conversion: Jesse shares a case study of improving ad campaign efficiency by reducing funnel steps and using a long-form ad as a mini video sales letter, leading to a 3-4x return on ad spend.

» 00:34:00 - 00:36:59 — Jacob's Insights on Meta Ad Auctions: Jacob, a former Facebook insider, reveals how understanding the ad auction and algorithm is crucial for creating cost-effective and high-performing ad campaigns.

» 00:37:00 - 00:39:59 — Demystifying the Total Value Formula: Dive into the intricacies of Meta's ad auction system, where success depends on balancing bid amount, estimated action rates, and user value rather than just outspending competitors.

» 00:40:00 - 00:42:59 — Maximizing Conversions and User Value: Learn how to boost your ad campaigns by focusing on high conversions and positive user experiences, which will lower your costs and increase your chances in the ad auction.

» 00:43:00 - 00:43:18 — Pro Tip on Evolving Ad Strategies: As AI continues to evolve, Jesse highlights the shift in ad targeting, moving from manual audience selection to AI-driven targeting, emphasizing the importance of ad creatives and copy in this new landscape.

» 00:43:47 - 00:46:59 — Revolutionizing Ad Efficiency: Jacob reveals how avoiding ad auction overlap and strategic exclusions can drastically reduce ad costs. Learn how they saved Grant Cardone 75% in customer acquisition costs in just 5 days by tackling ad auction overlap.

» 00:47:00 - 00:49:59 — Targeting Precision and Cost Savings: Discover how simplifying ad account structures and focusing on first-time impression ratios can lead to significant savings. See how these strategies effectively reduced wasteful spending in Grant Cardone's campaigns.

» 00:50:00 - 00:52:59 — Optimizing Broad Campaigns: Uncover how Jacob's team transformed Grant Cardone's broad campaigns from ineffective retargeting to successful new client acquisition, significantly improving the first-time impression ratio.

» 00:53:00 - 00:55:59 — Leveraging AI for Winning Creatives: Jacob introduces an innovative approach using AI to quickly create compelling ad creatives. Learn how they used ChatGPT and Voxscript to generate high-quality scripts for clients like Tiny Boat Nation.

» 00:56:00 - 00:58:59 — Streamlining Ad Production with AI: Experience the efficiency of AI in advertising. From generating scripts to creating voiceovers and selecting visuals, Jacob demonstrates how to craft high-quality ads in just 45 minutes.

» 00:59:00 - 01:01:59 — The Power of AI in Ad Creation: Witness the stunning results of AI-generated ads. Discover how the combination of ChatGPT, 11 Labs, and Shutterstock created a highly effective ad for Tiny Boat Nation with minimal effort and cost.

» 01:02:00 - 01:04:59 — Revolutionizing Ad Copy with AI: Peter Deli emphasizes the importance of quality prompts in AI for generating effective ad copy. Learn how their process generates hundreds of ad variants, drastically improving testing and performance.

» 01:05:00 - 01:06:59 — Data-Driven Ad Optimization: Peter shares insights on using AI tools like AIKO for deep data analysis, highlighting how predictive scoring and machine learning can identify the most effective ad variants, leading to significant increases in ROI.

» 01:06:23 - 01:09:22 — Revolutionizing Ad Copy with AI: Discover how ChatGPT can transform your ad copy, leading to highly converting ads with minimal effort. Uncover the secrets to creating compelling ad creatives using simple tools like smartphones and Filmic Pro.

» 01:09:23 - 01:12:20 — Cinema-Quality Videos on a Budget: Learn how to turn your iPhone into a cinema camera. Jacob shares insights on using apps and accessories to produce stunning visuals, emphasizing the importance of good audio for impactful film production.

» 01:12:21 - 01:15:24 — Stunning Visuals for Increased Conversions: Explore how to use creative visuals to stand out on platforms like Meta, significantly boosting conversions. Jacob's experience at Facebook showcases the power of attention-grabbing, budget-friendly ads.

» 01:15:25 - 01:18:05 — Gamified Ads for Engagement: Dive into the world of interactive story ads with Open Table’s campaign. Learn how to rig the game in your favor, using the platform's UI to create ads that engage and convert at astonishing rates.

» 01:18:06 - 01:21:17 — Leveraging Platform Features for Lower Costs: Uncover strategies to win the ad auction at the cheapest price points by playing with platform features like swiping and tapping in ads, demonstrated through effective campaigns for major brands.» 01:21:18 - 01:24:08 — Innovative Ad Creatives for Maximum Impact: Get insights on creating ads that are native to platform usage, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Learn to utilize features like clickable profile buttons and progression bars for compelling ads.

» 01:24:09 - 01:27:11 — Templates for Transformative Ads: Discover how to use creative templates to build ads that stand out, driving engagement and conversions. Jacob shares examples of how simple, interactive elements can lead to significant returns.

» 01:27:12 - 01:28:07 — Mastering Retargeting with Pixels: Understand the importance of pixels in retargeting, tracking visitor behavior across your funnel and the internet. Learn how to use this data to place ads at the perfect time, enhancing conversion rates.

» 01:28:07 - 01:31:06 — Mastering Facebook Pixels and Reporting Tools: Dive into the technicalities of Facebook ads. Learn how to effortlessly install pixels and utilize tools like Wicked Reports and Segmetrics for advanced revenue attribution.

» 01:31:07 - 01:34:06 — Optimizing for Mobile - The Crucial 90%: Discover why 90% of your traffic is mobile-based and the essential steps to optimize your funnel and landing pages for mobile users, ensuring you capture this massive audience effectively.

» 01:34:07 - 01:37:06 — Setting a Realistic Ad Budget: Uncover the secret to sustainable ad spending: limit it to 10-20% of your monthly profit. Learn the art of budgeting for both cold and warm audiences and how it significantly affects your ad campaigns.

» 01:37:07 - 01:40:06 — The Art of Budget Scaling and Audience Targeting: Dive deep into strategies for scaling your ad budget responsibly and the nuances of targeting cold, warm, and hot audiences on Meta platforms for maximum ROI.

» 01:40:07 - 01:43:06 — Embracing Initial Failures to Gain Valuable Data: Learn the importance of expecting and embracing initial ad failures as a necessary step to acquire crucial data for refining your marketing strategies.

» 01:43:07 - 01:46:06 — Analyzing Campaign Data for Informed Decisions: Get insights into evaluating ad campaign data, understanding cost per lead, and making informed decisions to pause or continue specific ad sets based on performance metrics.

» 01:46:07 - 01:49:06 — The Power of A/B Testing in Refining Campaigns: Discover how A/B testing can drastically improve your ad performance by comparing different creatives, audiences, and messages without self-competition in the ad auction.

» 01:49:07 - 01:50:29 — Maximizing Ad Spend with Strategic AB Tests: Learn to use Meta's AB test feature to optimize your ad campaigns, ensuring you don't compete against yourself in the ad auction and get the best value for your ad spend.

» 01:50:29 - 01:53:28 — Mastering Continuous Optimization: Uncover the final law of ad campaigns: Adapt and Optimize. Learn how never-ending testing and improvement of your offers, funnels, and ads can skyrocket your success.

» 01:53:29 - 01:56:28 — Success Stories and Practical Application: Be inspired by real-life success stories like Jason Stale and Mark Ling, who transformed their businesses by applying the 12 fundamental laws. Discover how these laws create unprecedented growth.

» 01:56:29 - 01:59:28 — Diverse Strategies for Different Niches: Explore various successful strategies ranging from free traffic methods to advanced paid traffic techniques, highlighting the diverse approaches of experts in the Traffic Syndicate.

» 01:59:29 - 02:02:28 — Envisioning a Debt-Free, Successful Future: Mike encourages attendees to imagine a life of financial freedom and success, emphasizing how mastering traffic and conversion can transform personal and business finances.

» 02:02:29 - 02:05:28 — The Right Mindset for Success: Emphasize the importance of a positive, proactive mindset for achieving success in digital marketing. Highlight how the Traffic Syndicate is designed for those committed to learning and applying new strategies.

» 02:05:29 - 02:08:28 — Commitment to Learning and Applying: Stress the necessity of applying learned strategies in real-life scenarios, drawing parallels to mastering skills like chess or Brazilian jiu-jitsu through consistent practice and implementation.

» 02:08:29 - 02:11:28 — The Origin of the Traffic Syndicate: Dive into the history of The Syndicate, a group of pioneering digital marketers who revolutionized the industry. Learn from Mike Filsaime's experience with industry legends like Frank Kern and Jeff Walker.

» 02:11:29 - 02:12:40 — Completing the Puzzle for Guaranteed Success: Understand the importance of masterminds, comprehensive education, and expert mentorship. Learn how the Traffic Syndicate combines these elements, offering an unparalleled learning experience.

» 02:12:40 - 02:15:39 — Breaking the Education Mold: Discover why traditional education paths are being replaced by real-world expert mentorship. Mike Filsaime highlights the shift towards learning from successful entrepreneurs and introduces valuable tools and resources for practical learning.

» 02:15:40 - 02:18:39 — Traffic Syndicate Unveiled: A groundbreaking announcement of the Traffic Syndicate, offering a unique blend of expertise and real-world application. This program promises to be the only educational resource you'll ever need, with comprehensive support in all aspects of digital marketing.

» 02:18:40 - 02:21:39 — Meet the Syndicate Experts: Get introduced to a powerhouse of digital marketing legends. This diverse group specializes in various niches, from Facebook to LinkedIn, ensuring masterful guidance in every aspect of traffic generation.

» 02:21:40 - 02:24:39 — Mastermind Opportunities and Networking: Embrace the power of networking and learning with Traffic Syndicate's exclusive masterminds. Mike emphasizes the unparalleled value of connections made through these high-level gatherings.

» 02:24:40 - 02:27:39 — Expansive Learning with Syndicate Courses: Dive into a comprehensive library featuring over 225 modules across 12 dynamic courses. These meticulously crafted lessons cover everything from Google Ads mastery to YouTube strategies, taught by industry leaders.

» 02:27:40 - 02:30:39 — Funnel Conversion Mastery with Mike Filsaime: Get excited for Mike's upcoming Funnel Conversion Mastery course, a culmination of his vast experience. This course, paralleled with a book release, aims to be a definitive guide on creating high-converting funnels.

» 02:30:40 - 02:33:39 — Continually Growing Course Library: The Traffic Syndicate's course library is ever-expanding, with a commitment to include the most current and comprehensive content in digital marketing, ensuring learners stay ahead of the curve.

» 02:33:40 - 02:36:15 — Twice Weekly Live Training Sessions: Elevate your digital marketing skills with Traffic Syndicate's twice-weekly live sessions. These sessions cater to both beginners and advanced learners, offering direct access to industry experts for tailored guidance and Q&A.

» 02:35:15 - 02:38:14 — Unlocking a World of Resources: Discover the power of AI and GPTs to transform your business. Mike Filsaime offers a sneak peek into invaluable tools like Groove.a, along with comprehensive courses in conversion mastery and AI copywriting.

» 02:38:15 - 02:41:04 — Exclusive Mastermind Opportunities: Immerse yourself in a 5-day, in-depth mastermind experience. Learn from experts, network, and enjoy unique activities like axe throwing and karaoke, all designed to enhance your professional growth.

» 02:41:05 - 02:43:59 — A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and Networking: Mike breaks down the immense value of Traffic Syndicate, including live coaching and cutting-edge courses. Discover a community where elite networking meets unparalleled education.

» 02:44:00 - 02:46:59 — Irresistible Offer Alert: Get ready for a jaw-dropping opportunity to join the Traffic Syndicate. Mike teases a price reveal that promises significant savings, making this elite mastermind more accessible than ever.

» 02:47:00 - 02:49:59 — Flexible Payment Options for Exclusive Access: Mike introduces multiple payment options, including PayPal Credit for US residents, ensuring that this transformative experience is within reach for serious entrepreneurs.

» 02:50:00 - 02:52:59 — The Power of Immediate Action: Emphasizing the urgency, Mike encourages quick decisions to lock in exclusive Traffic Syndicate benefits. He addresses common objections, urging viewers to prioritize investment in their growth.

» 02:53:00 - 02:55:59 — Confronting Objections Head-On: Mike tackles the biggest objections head-on, challenging viewers to rethink their excuses about cost, time, and product value. He highlights the life-changing potential of joining the Syndicate.

» 02:56:00 - 02:58:59 — Investing in Your Future: Dive deep into why the Traffic Syndicate is an investment in your success. Mike dismantles objections, focusing on the long-term value and transformative potential of this unique opportunity.

» 02:59:00 - 03:01:59 — A Call to Transformative Action: In a passionate plea, Mike urges viewers to seize this moment, to move beyond excuses and commit to a path of growth and mastery with the Traffic Syndicate.

» 03:02:00 - 03:03:15 — Exclusive Bonus Reveal: As a grand finale, Mike reveals an exclusive bonus for attendees. He presents a unique opportunity to access free GPT bonuses, underlining the Traffic Syndicate's commitment to providing exceptional value.

Elevate Your Business Through Connection: Unleash the Potential of Traffic Syndicate Mastermind

Beyond Instruction, Into Transformation: Where Networking Becomes the Catalyst for Your Success

In the ever-evolving digital realm, the heartbeat of business success syncs with robust networking and community engagement. The Traffic Syndicate Mastermind transcends the ordinary, serving as a gateway to a realm of unparalleled opportunities. More than a program, it's an immersive experience designed to reshape your approach to collaboration, learning, and ultimately, growth.

In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, the true essence of business growth lies in robust networking and community engagement. The Traffic Syndicate Mastermind isn't just another program; it's a gateway to unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth.

This segment of our program is designed to be more than just instructional; it's experiential and transformational, fostering an environment where every interaction could be the next big step for your business.

Live Networking Events: Forge invaluable connections at our thrice-yearly masterminds.Community at Your Fingertips: Join our exclusive Facebook community for ongoing support. Collaborate to Elevate:

Leverage the collective genius of industry leaders.

  • Forge Connections at Live Events: Experience the power of in-person networking at our thrice-yearly masterminds. Each event is a nexus of possibilities, connecting you with industry leaders and potential collaborators.

  • Virtual Community for Ongoing Support: Our exclusive Facebook community is a dynamic hub for continuous support. Engage with like-minded individuals, share insights, and receive guidance from a diverse network of professionals.

  • Collaborate to Elevate Your Business: The Traffic Syndicate Mastermind isn't just about networking; it's about collaborative elevation. Leverage the collective genius of industry leaders to refine your strategies, overcome challenges, and take your business to new heights.

  • Beyond Instruction, It's Experiential: Move beyond traditional learning. Our program is designed to be experiential, offering transformative encounters where every connection is a potential game-changer for your business.

Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing: Unleash the Power of Knowledge with Our Comprehensive Course Library and Funnel Conversion Mastery Guide!

Master Digital Marketing and Funnel Success with Our Dynamic Learning Ecosystem

Unlock the Secrets to Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Funnel Conversion Mastery with Our Expert-Led Courses and Exclusive Guide!

Embark on a transformative educational journey as we unveil a comprehensive suite of over 225 modules across 12 courses, equipping you with the skills needed to dominate the digital landscape. But we don't stop there - dive deep into the realm of high-conversion funnels with Mike Filsaime's groundbreaking guide, "Funnel Conversion Mastery." This isn't just education; it's your pathway to becoming a digital marketing powerhouse.

  • Dynamic Course Library: Access over 225 modules spanning 12 courses, covering diverse topics from traffic generation to SEO and mastering social media platforms.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of the curve with new course additions every month, ensuring your educational arsenal is always up-to-date and ready for the evolving digital marketing landscape.

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Education: Dive into the intricacies of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Learn not just the basics but master strategies for each platform.

  • In-Depth SEO Mastery: Explore local and on-page SEO strategies, coupled with powerful off-page optimization techniques. Gain insights that go beyond the surface level.

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"Master Digital Marketing with Our Extensive Course Library over 225 Module Over 12 Courses"

Facebook Crash Course

Master Facebook and Instagram media buying with our course, designed for beginners with small budgets. Learn to maximize impact, scale up, and transform your budget into a powerful tool for success.

Video Ad Formula

Elevate your marketing game with "Video Ad Formula" - harness top-tier strategies from Rusell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, and Grant Cardone to create compelling, high-converting ad creatives.

YouTube Ads Mastery

Master elite YouTube media buying strategies to elevate your brand's presence and influence, using proven tactics of top brands and creators for increased visibility and engagement.

Meta Insiders Essentials

Master conversion optimization with 7 Simple Website

Conversion Hacks: Learn to interpret website data, refine digital presence, and skyrocket conversions for heightened business success.

Google Ads Mastery

Master Google's advertising secrets with 'Google Ads Mastery', a transformative guide to match the strategies of top brands and influencers, elevating your brand, company, or personal influence to new heights in the digital marketing arena.

7 Simple Website Conversion Hacks

This course teaches how to use data-driven insights to optimize websites and landing pages for better conversion rates, focusing on understanding and leveraging visitor behavior.

Customer Acquisition Mastery

Unlock the potential of online customer acquisition with straightforward, effective strategies; perfect for beginners seeking to scale their business efficiently, even on a small budget.

Webinar Experts

Master the art of impactful webinars with insights from industry leaders like Brendon Burchard and Russell Brunson; a comprehensive guide for creating captivating, high-converting online events.

Million Dollar Traffic Plan

Unlock the potential of your online presence with Jesse Doubek and Sherisse Marie's Million Dollar Traffic Plan. Transform your digital marketing strategy to attract and retain a valuable audience, maximizing reach and engagement.

The Traffic Syndicate Expert

Study Interview Series

Gain invaluable insights from leading marketing experts in the Traffic Syndicate Interview Series, and apply their proven, actionable tactics to elevate your own digital marketing strategies.

Digital Sales Machine

Unlock your earning potential with the Digital Sales Machine: a comprehensive guide to transforming your skills into a thriving online business. Learn to create, market, and sell your expertise effectively, building your dream job in the digital marketplace.

Funnels Master Class By Mike Filsaime

Dive into the Funnels Masterclass with Mike Filsaime and master 15 funnel types, upsells, cross-sells, and more, with exclusive, immediately applicable techniques for unparalleled conversion success.

Ready to revolutionize your digital marketing game and embark on a journey of unparalleled success? Click below to gain exclusive access and sign up for our comprehensive course library and groundbreaking Funnel Conversion Mastery guide. Elevate your skills, transform your strategies, and become a digital marketing powerhouse. Your path to success starts here. Secure your spot!

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3 Times Per year

Unlock your growth with our 5-Day Mastermind Event. Merge learning and leisure with 2 days each of Traffic Syndicate and Collective Mastermind-valued at $25,000-plus a 'Sunday Funday' for relaxation. All set in at the GroovePlex Studios in Florida. Offering both in-person and virtual attendance. The mastermind is a gateway to growth and networking, rivaling other $50,000 exclusive masterminds!

Unmatched Learning Opportunity:

Five full days immersed in the latest traffic strategies and collaborative masterminding. Unlock unparalleled growth at our 5-Day Mastermind Event. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge traffic strategies and collaborative masterminding over three events per year.

Exclusive Access:

Be part of a $25,000 value. Collective Mastermind, now included as a bonus. Gain access to a $25,000+ value Collective Mastermind, now included as a bonus with every in-person and virtual attendance.

Hybrid Attendance Options:

Join physically in our high-tech studio or virtually. Choose your experience! Attend physically at our state-of-the-art GroovePlex Studios in Florida or join virtually from anywhere in the world. The power of growth is in your hands.

State-of-the-Art Venue:

Experience learning in a million-dollar high-tech studio environment. Elevate your learning experience in our million-dollar high-tech studio environment. Immerse yourself in a setting designed for optimal understanding and application of the latest strategies.

Tri-Annual Gatherings:

Three exclusive events each year, ensuring ongoing engagement and fresh insights. Stay ahead with three exclusive events each year. This ensures continuous engagement, ongoing insights, and a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to growth.

Sunday Funday:

Strike the perfect balance between hard work and play with our 'Sunday Funday.' Choose from activities like wine tasting, beach outings, and more, creating lasting connections in a relaxed environment. Your journey to success should be both rewarding and enjoyable.

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Mike Filsaime:
The Architect of Digital Success





Meet the Mastermind Behind The Traffic Syndicate

Discover the digital marketing prowess of Mike Filsaime, a seasoned veteran and co-founder of multiple seven and eight-figure companies. With a legacy marked by groundbreaking strategies and transformative insights, Mike is your guide to unlocking unparalleled success in the online realm. Join The Traffic Syndicate to benefit from his wealth of experience and take your digital marketing game to unprecedented heights.

  • Co-founder of several highly successful companies, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

  • Renowned for pioneering strategies that have reshaped the industry.

  • A visionary with a track record of turning innovative ideas into profitable ventures.

  • Trusted by entrepreneurs globally for his actionable insights and business acumen.

Ready to learn from the digital architect himself? Click below to join Mike Filsaime on The Traffic Syndicate, where his expertise becomes your secret weapon for digital marketing success!

Jesse Doubek:
The Strategist Redefining Digital Influence

Unleash Your Potential with Jesse Doubek's Expertise

Meet Jesse Doubek, the driving force behind Doubek Digital Media and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies. As a leading expert in digital marketing and audience building, Jesse brings his unparalleled insights to The Traffic Syndicate. Join forces with him to refine your digital presence, interpret website data, and skyrocket conversions. Elevate your strategies under Jesse's mentorship and position yourself for lasting success in the digital landscape.

  • Co-founder of Doubek Digital Media, empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital strategies.

  • A sought-after consultant, advising Fortune 500 companies on effective digital marketing.

  • Renowned for his expertise in website conversion optimization and audience engagement.

  • Trusted by high-profile entrepreneurs as a strategic partner in their digital success.

Ready to learn from a digital strategist redefining the game? Click below to join Jesse Doubek on The Traffic Syndicate and unlock the secrets to digital influence and success!







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Unlock the Strategies of Top Marketing Minds!

  • Unprecedented Insights: Learn from the titans of traffic generation.

  • Real Success Stories: Actual case studies from those who've mastered the digital space.

  • Actionable Tactics: Apply their secrets to your own marketing strategies.

  • Claim Your Access Now and Propel Your Business to New Heights!

    Unlock the Strategies of Top Marketing Minds!



Unlock the Secrets of Funnel Mastery

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Dive Deep with Mike Filsaime in the Funnels MasterClass

  • Comprehensive Training: From lead magnets to conversion strategies, no stone is left unturned.

  • Exclusive Techniques: Discover the funnel blueprints that top marketers never talk about.

  • Immediate Application: Start improving your funnels today with these insights.

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  • Over 40 Quality GPTs: Revolutionize your business with 40 GPT assistance: Streamline direct response marketing, copywriting, and sales processes with Al-driven precision, enabling efficient creation of high-converting emails, video sales letters, webinars, and compelling offers.

  • Much, Much More...

🚀 Secure Your Digital Dominance Now: Order Recap for The Traffic Syndicate

Gain exclusive insights and skyrocket your marketing strategy...

  • Comprehensive Course Library:

    Access over 225 modules across 12 courses.
    Continuous learning with new additions every month.

  • Funnel Conversion Mastery Guide:

    Unlock the secrets of successful funnel conversion.
    Exclusive insights from industry leader Mike Filsaime.

  • Mastermind with Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek:

    Learn from digital marketing visionaries.
    Elevate your strategies under their expert mentorship.

  • Exclusive Creator Courses:

    Dive into courses crafted by Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek.
    Gain insider knowledge and strategies for success.

  • Specialized Modules:

    Facebook Crash Course, Video Ad Formula, YouTube Ads Mastery, and more.Targeted learning for diverse digital marketing skills.

  • Bonus: The Traffic Syndicate Expert
    Study Interview Series:

    Insights from leading marketing experts.
    Apply proven tactics to elevate your strategies.

What You're Gonna Get:

  • Mastermind

  • $25,000 value

    Held three times a year in a high-tech studio, with options for both physical and virtual attendance. These events are designed for networking, learning, and collaboration among industry experts.

  • Course (Education):

  • $8000.00 value

    Regular sessions and 12 courses on diverse topics such as traffic generation, digital sales, SEO, social media platforms, and more

  • Live Coaching

  • $5000.00 value

    Twice-weekly live training sessions covering beginner to advanced digital marketing strategies.

  • Expert Team:

  • $5000.00 value

    A team of experienced digital marketing professionals offering mentorship and guidance.

  • Bonus Resources

  • $5000.00 value

    Including Groove.ai and Al and B.I. (business intelligence )systems for creating and scaling ads, and a new course on conversion mastery.

  • Networking

  • Priceless

    Access to a private community for ongoing communication and collaboration.

    Total Value: $48,000

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    What Are Others Already Saying
    About "The Traffic Syndicate"?

    Brendon Burchard

     NYT Bestselling Author and "One of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth." –O, The Oprah Magazine

    "Jesse gets better results on FB ads than anyone I know and they've helped me buy and manage FB pages, get awesome click and like prices, and optimize long-running ads in ways no one else can. I love these guys and you'll learn a ton from them!"

    Sonia Choquette

    Brian Tracy

    Kevin Ward

    Rick Barker

    Rachel Luna

    Anthony Trucks

    Wasim The Dream

    Paula Moyer

    Clayton Keirns

    Debbie Peck

    "Jesse Doubek is responsible for helping us turn our Facebook campaign around. We were spending about $2.50 per conversion. He helped us get that down to $1.25 and DOUBLE our reach! We got 600% more sales and reached new people… cold traffic!"

    Chalene Johnson

    NYT Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur


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