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From: The Desk of Mike Filsaime

Dear Trailblazing Entrepreneur,

Picture this... You're on a journey. A quest of sorts. But it's not any old quest. It's the quest for traffic—the lifeblood of any venture swimming in the digital sea.Now, imagine a world where this quest isn't a dreaded gauntlet but a thrilling adventure where each step is a leap toward mastery. Welcome to the inner circle I'm about to reveal. A place where the convoluted becomes clear and where your aspirations aren't just dreams—they're inevitabilities.

...Because Let's Face It...

You've been there: staring at your screen as if it's going to cough up visitors by sheer will. The product? Stellar. The offer? Irresistible. Yet, that crucial piece—traffic—slips through your fingers like sand. It's frustrating, isn't it? Like being handed the keys to a Lamborghini, only to find it's out of gas.

And let's look at this just a touch more...

Complexity is like an endless labyrinth for many on this journey. What with finding your audience, crafting those ads, and conjuring up persuasive sales messages...it can feel like you're being asked to juggle flaming swords—blindfolded. Not your idea of fun, I'll bet.

But what if I told you that there's a way out of this maze?

Enter the Syndicate: Your Traffic Mastermind...

I've teamed up with some of the best minds in this digital universe to craft an ecosystem designed to not only educate but to transform you into a bona fide traffic wizard.

We’re talking live events that feel like the Woodstock of marketing know-how... training sessions so potent you'll think you've been given marketing superpowers... and all of this in an environment so rich and nurturing, you'll grow faster than Jack's beanstalk.

Here’s the kicker: we do this without burning holes in your wallet because who said learning how to summon a flood of traffic should cost more than a mid-size sedan?

The Skeptics Are Saying "It's Too Good to Be True..."

And who could blame them? With big-ticket programs out there demanding your life savings in exchange for secrets they claim are akin to the Holy Grail... skepticism is only natural.

Costs worrying you? Complexity making your head spin? Tech tools seem like they're in another language? Free vs. paid traffic leaving you in knots? Information overload causing brain fog?

Well, here’s my promise: we obliterate those roadblocks with something affordable, simple, and downright effective.

Expect Transformations That Border on Magical...

Embark on this voyage with us and watch how quickly things shift. No more fumbling in the dark. You’ll gain:

  • Clarity and simplicity in navigating the seas of traffic.

  • Education so comprehensive, it might as well come with a cape.

  • Trainings so frequent, they'll become the heartbeat of your success.

  • Live events so immersive, you'll emerge a whole new marketer.

  • On-demand access because missing out isn't in our vocabulary.

  • And networking? Get ready for connections that could redefine your destiny.

But what’s really delicious here is the taste of victory—the kind that comes from becoming a true maven in orchestrating traffic flows that can swell into tsunamis of opportunity.

But Here's the Real Juice: Our Syndicate is Unique...

We've mixed up an elixir so potent it can turn any marketing endeavor from flat to fizzing with success. Where else can you find a fully-loaded marketing mastermind experience mixed with all-you-can-eat education at an invitation price that feels like we've made a typo?

While others are selling piecemeal dreams at sky-high prices, we’re offering you the whole banquet at a price that’ll make you wonder if we’ve lost our minds.

It’s simple: we’ve built something unheard of—a place where those seeking the golden touch with traffic come together and leave as conquering heroes.

And here’s your engraved invitation to join us inside this revolution—a revolution that doesn’t just promise... it delivers soaring successes, lifelong connections, and enough traffic knowledge to make you feel like you've cracked some sort of cosmic code.

So tell me... Are you ready to step into this new era where traffic woes are tales of old? Where your endeavors are fueled by wisdom and insight from top-tier experts without breaking the bank?

If your heart’s beating faster and your mind’s whispering “yes”...

...Then Welcome Aboard!

This isn't just another mastermind; it's the mastermind where traffic turns from problem to power. Your ticket is waiting—but don't dally; transformation waits for no one.

Dare to be part of something transformative. Grab hold of this opportunity like it's the last lifeboat on the Titanic because, my friend, this ship is setting sail.

Are you on board?

To your success,

Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek

Watch The WebClass

"Unlimited, UnStoppable, Traffic!"

Master the Art of Traffic Generation with The:

Traffic Syndicate's Proven Systems... 

...Transform Your Digital Marketing Game and Catapult Your Online Influence.

What You Will Learn In The Training Below:

  • Unlock the Blueprint: Discover the clear roadmap to your campaign's success – never get lost in objectives again!

  • Audience Alchemy: Learn to read your customers' minds – target your ads for conversions that count.

  • AI Mastery: Harness cutting-edge AI tools – outsmart the competition with technology on your side.

  • Copywriting Craft: Craft ad copy that sells – master words that make wallets open.

  • Design that Delivers: Create ads that catch eyes and hold attention – stand out in the sea of sameness.

  • Mobile Magic: Make your ads irresistibly clickable on any device – dominate the mobile market.

  • Budget Genius: Spend smart, not hard – allocate your ad budget for maximum ROI.

  • Embrace the OOPS: Plan to FAIL – and learn why buying data is your ticket to winning big.

  • Data Detective: Track down the metrics that matter – and turn analytics into action.

  • Split-Test Titans: Become an A/B testing guru – know what works and why.

  • Pixel Perfection: Set up tracking to trace every click – optimize your funnel with precision.

  • Optimization Oracle: Adapt, enhance, and thrive – become the campaign wizard that always wins.

Video Timestamp, Table of contents:

» 00:00:00 - 00:00:59 — Expert Transition and Introduction to Jesse Dobek: As Mike transitions the webinar to Jesse Dobek, he prepares the audience for an in-depth exploration of the 12 fundamental laws of no-fail ad campaigns, promising a session filled with expert insights.

» 00:02:00 - 00:04:59 — Jesse's Journey from Debt to Digital Mastery: Discover how Jesse went from $120,000 in debt to mastering online marketing and working with top industry names like Brendan Burchard, leveraging Facebook pages for unprecedented traffic and engagement.

» 00:05:00 - 00:07:59 — Unveiling the 12 Fundamental Laws: Jesse teases Law #9 as a groundbreaking revelation and lays out the first three laws for successful ad campaigns: Defining objectives, knowing your audience, and embracing AI tools.

» 00:08:00 - 00:10:59 — Choosing the Right Channel and Objective: Learn the importance of selecting the optimal platform and setting clear objectives, whether it's generating leads for high-ticket offers or aiming for direct product purchases.

» 00:11:00 - 00:13:59 — Streamlining the Funnel for Maximum Conversion: Jesse shares a case study of improving ad campaign efficiency by reducing funnel steps and using a long-form ad as a mini video sales letter, leading to a 3-4x return on ad spend.

» 00:14:00 - 00:16:59 — Jacob's Insights on Meta Ad Auctions: Jacob, a former Facebook insider, reveals how understanding the ad auction and algorithm is crucial for creating cost-effective and high-performing ad campaigns.

» 00:17:00 - 00:19:59 — Demystifying the Total Value Formula: Dive into the intricacies of Meta's ad auction system, where success depends on balancing bid amount, estimated action rates, and user value rather than just outspending competitors.

» 00:20:00 - 00:22:59 — Maximizing Conversions and User Value: Learn how to boost your ad campaigns by focusing on high conversions and positive user experiences, which will lower your costs and increase your chances in the ad auction.

» 00:23:00 - 00:23:18 — Pro Tip on Evolving Ad Strategies: As AI continues to evolve, Jesse highlights the shift in ad targeting, moving from manual audience selection to A-driven targeting, emphasizing the importance of ad creatives and copy in this new landscape.

» 00:23:47 - 00:26:59 — Revolutionizing Ad Efficiency: Jacob reveals how avoiding ad auction overlap and strategic exclusions can drastically reduce ad costs. Learn how they saved Grant Cardone 75% in customer acquisition costs in just 5 days by tackling ad auction overlap.

» 00:27:00 - 00:29:59 — Targeting Precision and Cost Savings: Discover how simplifying ad account structures and focusing on first-time impression ratios can lead to significant savings. See how these strategies effectively reduced wasteful spending in Grant Cardone's campaigns.

» 00:30:00 - 00:32:59 — Optimizing Broad Campaigns: Uncover how Jacob's team transformed Grant Cardone's broad campaigns from ineffective retargeting to successful new client acquisition, significantly improving the first-time impression ratio.

» 00:33:00 - 00:35:59 — Leveraging AI for Winning Creatives: Jacob introduces an innovative approach using AI to quickly create compelling ad creatives. Learn how they used ChatGPT and Voxscript to generate hig-quality scripts for clients like Tiny Boat Nation.

» 00:36:00 - 00:38:59 — Streamlining Ad Production with AI: Experience the efficiency of AI in advertising. From generating scripts to creating voiceovers and selecting visuals, Jacob demonstrates how to craft high-quality ads in just 45 minutes.

» 00:39:00 - 00:41:59 — The Power of AI in Ad Creation: Witness the stunning results of AI-generated ads. Discover how the combination of ChatGPT, 11 Labs, and Shutterstock created a highly effective ad for Tiny Boat Nation with minimal effort and cost.

» 00:42:00 - 00:44:59 — Revolutionizing Ad Copy with AI: Peter Deli emphasizes the importance of quality prompts in AI for generating effective ad copy. Learn how their process generates hundreds of ad variants, drastically improving testing and performance.

» 00:45:00 - 00:46:59 — Data-Driven Ad Optimization: Peter shares insights on using AI tools like AIKO for deep data analysis, highlighting how predictive scoring and machine learning can identify the most effective ad variants, leading to significant increases in ROI.

» 00:46:23 - 00:49:22 — Revolutionizing Ad Copy with AI: Discover how ChatGPT can transform your ad copy, leading to highly converting ads with minimal effort. Uncover the secrets to creating compelling ad creatives using simple tools like smartphones and Filmic Pro.

» 00:49:23 - 00:52:20 — Cinem-Quality Videos on a Budget: Learn how to turn your iPhone into a cinema camera. Jacob shares insights on using apps and accessories to produce stunning visuals, emphasizing the importance of good audio for impactful film production.

» 00:52:21 - 00:55:24 — Stunning Visuals for Increased Conversions: Explore how to use creative visuals to stand out on platforms like Meta, significantly boosting conversions. Jacob's experience at Facebook showcases the power of attention-grabbing, budge-friendly ads.

» 00:55:25 - 00:58:05 — Gamified Ads for Engagement: Dive into the world of interactive story ads with Open Table’s campaign. Learn how to rig the game in your favor, using the platform's UI to create ads that engage and convert at astonishing rates.

» 00:58:06 - 01:00:57 — Leveraging Platform Features for Lower Costs: Uncover strategies to win the ad auction at the cheapest price points by playing with platform features like swiping and tapping in ads, demonstrated through effective campaigns for major brands.

» 01:01:18 - 01:03:48 — Innovative Ad Creatives for Maximum Impact: Get insights on creating ads that are native to platform usage, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Learn to utilize features like clickable profile buttons and progression bars for compelling ads.

» 01:04:09 - 01:06:51 — Templates for Transformative Ads: Discover how to use creative templates to build ads that stand out, driving engagement and conversions. Jacob shares examples of how simple, interactive elements can lead to significant returns.

» 01:07:12 - 01:07:47 — Mastering Retargeting with Pixels: Understand the importance of pixels in retargeting, tracking visitor behavior across your funnel and the internet. Learn how to use this data to place ads at the perfect time, enhancing conversion rates.

» 01:08:07 - 01:11:06 — Mastering Facebook Pixels and Reporting Tools: Dive into the technicalities of Facebook ads. Learn how to effortlessly install pixels and utilize tools like Wicked Reports and Segmetrics for advanced revenue attribution.

» 01:11:07 - 01:14:06 — Optimizing for Mobile: The Crucial 90%: Discover why 90% of your traffic is mobile-based and the essential steps to optimize your funnel and landing pages for mobile users, ensuring you capture this massive audience effectively.

» 01:14:07 - 01:17:06 — Setting a Realistic Ad Budget: Uncover the secret to sustainable ad spending: limit it to 10»20% of your monthly profit. Learn the art of budgeting for both cold and warm audiences and how it significantly affects your ad campaigns.

» 01:17:07 - 01:20:06 — The Art of Budget Scaling and Audience Targeting: Dive deep into strategies for scaling your ad budget responsibly and the nuances of targeting cold, warm, and hot audiences on Meta platforms for maximum ROI.

» 01:20:07 - 01:23:06 — Embracing Initial Failures to Gain Valuable Data: Learn the importance of expecting and embracing initial ad failures as a necessary step to acquire crucial data for refining your marketing strategies.

» 01:23:07 - 01:26:06 — Analyzing Campaign Data for Informed Decisions: Get insights into evaluating ad campaign data, understanding cost per lead, and making informed decisions to pause or continue specific ad sets based on performance metrics.

» 01:26:07 - 01:29:06 — The Power of A/B Testing in Refining Campaigns: Discover how A/B testing can drastically improve your ad performance by comparing different creatives, audiences, and messages without sel-competition in the ad auction.

» 01:29:07 - 01:30:29 — Maximizing Ad Spend with Strategic AB Tests: Learn to use Meta's AB test feature to optimize your ad campaigns, ensuring you don't compete against yourself in the ad auction and get the best value for your ad spend.

» 01:30:29 - 01:33:28 — Mastering Continuous Optimization: Uncover the final law of ad campaigns: Adapt and Optimize. Learn how neve-ending testing and improvement of your offers, funnels, and ads can skyrocket your success.

» 01:33:29 - 01:36:28 — Success Stories and Practical Application: Be inspired by rea-life success stories like Jason Stale and Mark Ling, who transformed their businesses by applying the 12 fundamental laws. Discover how these laws create unprecedented growth.

» 01:36:29 - 01:39:28 — Diverse Strategies for Different Niches: Explore various successful strategies ranging from free traffic methods to advanced paid traffic techniques, highlighting the diverse approaches of experts in the Traffic Syndicate.

» 01:39:29 - 01:42:28 — Envisioning a Deb-Free, Successful Future: Mike encourages attendees to imagine a life of financial freedom and success, emphasizing how mastering traffic and conversion can transform personal and business finances.

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  • Dynamic Course Library: Access over 225 modules spanning 12 courses, covering diverse topics from traffic generation to SEO and mastering social media platforms.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of the curve with new course additions every month, ensuring your educational arsenal is always up-to-date and ready for the evolving digital marketing landscape.

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Video Ad Formula

Elevate your marketing game with "Video Ad Formula" - harness top-tier strategies from Rusell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, and Grant Cardone to create compelling, high-converting ad creatives.

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Master elite YouTube media buying strategies to elevate your brand's presence and influence, using proven tactics of top brands and creators for increased visibility and engagement.

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Master conversion optimization with 7 Simple Website. Conversion Hacks: Learn to interpret website data, refine digital presence, and skyrocket conversions for heightened business success.

Google Ads Mastery

Master Google's advertising secrets with 'Google Ads Mastery', a transformative guide to match the strategies of top brands and influencers, elevating your brand, company, or personal influence to new heights in the digital marketing arena.

7 Simple Website Conversion Hacks

This course teaches how to use data-driven insights to optimize websites and landing pages for better conversion rates, focusing on understanding and leveraging visitor behavior.

Customer Acquisition Mastery

Unlock the potential of online customer acquisition with straightforward, effective strategies; perfect for beginners seeking to scale their business efficiently, even on a small budget.

Webinar Experts

Master the art of impactful webinars with insights from industry leaders like Brendon Burchard and Russell Brunson; a comprehensive guide for creating captivating, high-converting online events.

Million Dollar Traffic Plan

Unlock the potential of your online presence with Jesse Doubek and Sherisse Marie's Million Dollar Traffic Plan. Transform your digital marketing strategy to attract and retain a valuable audience, maximizing reach and engagement.

The Traffic Syndicate Expert

Study Interview Series

Gain invaluable insights from leading marketing experts in the Traffic Syndicate Interview Series, and apply their proven, actionable tactics to elevate your own digital marketing strategies.

Digital Sales Machine

Unlock your earning potential with the Digital Sales Machine: a comprehensive guide to transforming your skills into a thriving online business. Learn to create, market, and sell your expertise effectively, building your dream job in the digital marketplace.

Funnels Master Class By Mike Filsaime

Dive into the Funnels Masterclass with Mike Filsaime and master 15 funnel types, upsells, cross-sells, and more, with exclusive, immediately applicable techniques for unparalleled conversion success.

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Meets 3 Times Per year

Every February, June, and October. Attend Live or Virtual.

Our Next Mastermind Meets June 19th — June 23rd, 2024 at
the GroovePlex Education Studios in Boca Raton Florida

Unlock your growth with our 5-Day Mastermind Event. Merge learning and leisure with 2 days each of Traffic Syndicate and Collective Mastermind-valued at $25,000-plus a 'Sunday Funday' for relaxation. All set in at the GroovePlex Studios in Florida. Offering both in-person and virtual attendance. The mastermind is a gateway to growth and networking, rivaling other $50,000 exclusive masterminds!

Unmatched Learning Opportunity:

Five full days immersed in the latest traffic strategies and collaborative masterminding. Unlock unparalleled growth at our 5-Day Mastermind Event. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge traffic strategies and collaborative masterminding over three events per year.

Exclusive Access:

Be part of a $25,000 value. Collective Mastermind, now included as a bonus. Gain access to a $25,000+ value Collective Mastermind, now included as a bonus with every in-person and virtual attendance.

Hybrid Attendance Options:

Join physically in our high-tech studio or virtually. Choose your experience! Attend physically at our state-of-the-art GroovePlex Studios in Florida or join virtually from anywhere in the world. The power of growth is in your hands.

State-of-the-Art Venue:

Experience learning in a million-dollar high-tech studio environment. Elevate your learning experience in our million-dollar high-tech studio environment. Immerse yourself in a setting designed for optimal understanding and application of the latest strategies.

Tri-Annual Gatherings:

Three exclusive events each year, ensuring ongoing engagement and fresh insights. Stay ahead with three exclusive events each year. This ensures continuous engagement, ongoing insights, and a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to growth.

Sunday Funday:

Strike the perfect balance between hard work and play with our 'Sunday Funday.' Choose from activities like wine tasting, beach outings, and more, creating lasting connections in a relaxed environment. Your journey to success should be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Unlimited Mastermind Access:

Anytime, Anywhere

Dive into our Mastermind sessions, now in brilliant full HD with perfect audio. Each session, live or virtual, is captured from multiple angles and archived in our exclusive library. Access any session, any speaker, on-demand at your convenience. It's not just learning; it's reliving the insights and strategies whenever you need them. Your gateway to limitless knowledge, tailored for your schedule.

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Mike Filsaime:
The Architect of Digital Success





Meet the Mastermind Behind The Traffic Syndicate

Discover the digital marketing prowess of Mike Filsaime, a seasoned veteran and co-founder of multiple seven and eight-figure companies. With a legacy marked by groundbreaking strategies and transformative insights, Mike is your guide to unlocking unparalleled success in the online realm. Join The Traffic Syndicate to benefit from his wealth of experience and take your digital marketing game to unprecedented heights.

  • Co-founder of several highly successful companies, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

  • Renowned for pioneering strategies that have reshaped the industry.

  • A visionary with a track record of turning innovative ideas into profitable ventures.

  • Trusted by entrepreneurs globally for his actionable insights and business acumen.

Ready to learn from the digital architect himself? Join Mike Filsaime on The Traffic Syndicate, where his expertise becomes your secret weapon for digital marketing success!

Jesse Doubek:
The Strategist Redefining Digital Influence

Unleash Your Potential with Jesse Doubek's Expertise

Meet Jesse Doubek, the driving force behind Doubek Digital Media and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies. As a leading expert in digital marketing and audience building, Jesse brings his unparalleled insights to The Traffic Syndicate. Join forces with him to refine your digital presence, interpret website data, and skyrocket conversions. Elevate your strategies under Jesse's mentorship and position yourself for lasting success in the digital landscape.

  • Co-founder of Doubek Digital Media, empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital strategies.

  • A sought-after consultant, advising Fortune 500 companies on effective digital marketing.

  • Renowned for his expertise in website conversion optimization and audience engagement.

  • Trusted by high-profile entrepreneurs as a strategic partner in their digital success.

Ready to learn from a digital strategist redefining the game? Join Jesse Doubek on The Traffic Syndicate and unlock the secrets to digital influence and success!







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These ready-to-use, client-approved templates are fully compatible with Groove and other leading platforms, providing you with a turnkey solution to supercharge your marketing efforts. They are the perfect blend of efficiency and effectiveness, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Traffic Syndicate’s advanced strategies.

  • Unlock the Secrets of 7 and 8-Figure Success: Gain exclusive access to high-converting funnel templates directly replicated from our top-tier clients’ multi-million-dollar businesses.

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  • Versatile for Any Funnel Builder: Not a Groove user? No problem! These templates are adaptable, allowing you to copy them into any funnel-building platform of your choice.

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  • Much, Much More...

What Experts Are Saying

What Are Others Already Saying About
"The Traffic Syndicate" and Its Founders?

Experts Advice To Take Action

Mike Filsaime — Known as the "Michael Jordan" of Digital marketing.

Brendon Burchard

 NYT Bestselling Author and "One of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth." –O, The Oprah Magazine

"Jesse gets better results on FB ads than anyone I know and they've helped me buy and manage FB pages, get awesome click and like prices, and optimize long-running ads in ways no one else can. I love these guys and you'll learn a ton from them!"

Sonia Choquette

Brian Tracy

Kevin Ward

Rick Barker

Rachel Luna

Anthony Trucks

Wasim The Dream

Paula Moyer

Clayton Keirns

Debbie Peck

"Jesse Doubek is responsible for helping us turn our Facebook campaign around. We were spending about $2.50 per conversion. He helped us get that down to $1.25 and DOUBLE our reach! We got 600% more sales and reached new people… cold traffic!"

Chalene Johnson

NYT Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Traffic Syndicate?

A: The Traffic Syndicate is an advanced training and networking program focused on digital marketing and advertising strategies. It offers participants access to expert-led training sessions, a range of online courses, and opportunities for in-person networking at masterminds.

Q: What if I still have questions about The Traffic Syndicate or need to talk to someone or call for assistance?

A: If you have any questions or need personalized assistance regarding The Traffic Syndicate, the dedicated Concierge Team is ready to help. They can provide clarity on the program, discuss specific features, explore custom payment arrangements, and even assist with splitting payments across different credit cards. Additionally, if you're unsure whether The Traffic Syndicate is the right fit for your business, the team can guide you through the decision-making process. For any pre-sales inquiries or to schedule a one-on-one chat with their experts, simply
click here: https://thetrafficsyndicate.com/talk-to-someone

Q: Who are the experts involved in the Traffic Syndicate?

A: The program features a variety of digital marketing experts, each specializing in different aspects such as media buying, funnel conversion, and various advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook. Notable names include Jesse Dobek, Peter Deli, and Liz Germaine, among others.

Q: What are some key components of the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: Key components include a 5-day in-person mastermind event, over 225 online training modules, twice-weekly live coaching sessions, access to a community of experts and peers, and various digital marketing tools and resources.

Q: What is the cost of joining the Traffic Syndicate?

A: The program is offered at a discounted price of $4,999 for a limited time, which is significantly lower than its valued price. Flexible payment options are also available, including installment plans and a PayPal credit option for US residents.

Q: Are there any affordable payment plans or refinancing options available for the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: Yes, the Traffic Syndicate program offers several payment options to make it more affordable. You can choose to pay the full amount of $4,999, or opt for installment plans. The installment options include two payments of $2,750 or three payments of $1,997. Additionally, there's an option for PayPal Credit for U.S. residents with approved credit, which allows for no payments and no interest for six months.

Q: Do you accept PayPal for the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: Yes, PayPal is accepted as a payment method for the Traffic Syndicate program.

Q: Do you offer PayPal Credit for the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: Yes, PayPal Credit is available as an option for U.S. residents with approved credit. This option allows for no payments and no interest for six months. When using PayPal Credit, you can choose it at checkout by switching off the credit card tab and selecting the PayPal Credit option. Approval is typically quick, but it's important to read the terms at checkout, as interest may be charged back to day one if the balance isn't paid off within six months.

Q: How does PayPal Credit work?

A: PayPal Credit works by providing a line of credit that you can use to make purchases. At the Traffic Syndicate checkout, if you choose to use PayPal Credit, you'll be asked for your Social Security number and date of birth for a credit check. If approved, you can use this credit to pay for the program, and you'll have no payments and no interest for six months. If the balance isn't paid off within six months, it starts functioning like a regular credit card with minimum monthly payments. This option is only available to U.S. residents with approved credit.

Q: Are there any bonuses included in the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: Yes, the Traffic Syndicate program offers several bonuses. Members receive additional bonuses such as access to the collective mastermind, and one notable bonus is a membership to Groove.ai, which is typically priced at $99 per month. This platform is designed for marketers and includes features like integration, search, document editor, sharing, collaboration, and over 40 quality GPTs (Groove apps) created by the program's team. Additionally, members will have access to all the bonuses mentioned during the Traffic Syndicate presentation, which includes various tools and resources necessary for digital marketing and sales. 

Q: Is this offer limited in time?

A: Yes, the current offer for the Traffic Syndicate program is time-limited. It's a special discounted rate of $4,999, which is significantly lower than the total value of the program's components (valued at around $48,000). This special rate is available for the first 25 people who sign up. After this limit is reached, the price or offer terms may change.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for the Traffic Syndicate?

A: Yes, the program offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for those who might reconsider their decision after joining.

Q: Who is the Traffic Syndicate for?

A: It is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their digital marketing skills and grow their business. The program is particularly suitable for those who are serious about investing time and resources into learning and applying advanced marketing strategies.

Q: How many events are held each year?

A: We organize three 5-day mastermind events annually at exclusive locations. These gatherings provide opportunities for immersive learning, networking, and collaboration with like-minded peers. Live and In-Person Events are held every February, June, and October. The next event is in Boca Raton, FL, at the GroovePlex Studios on June 19th — June 23rd, 2024

Q: Where can I get support for the Traffic Syndicate program?

A: For support related to the Traffic Syndicate program, you can visit the support desk at https://support.groovedigital.com/. This platform offers assistance for various queries and issues you might encounter while using the program.

Q: What happens if I can't make it to the live or in-person Mastermind events?

A: With "Unlimited Mastermind Access: Anytime, Anywhere," you won't miss a beat. Even if you can't attend live, our Mastermind sessions are recorded in full HD with perfect audio, capturing every moment from multiple camera angles. Whether the session is live or virtual, you can access it all in our exclusive library. This means you have the freedom to watch any session, any speaker, on-demand, whenever it fits your schedule. It's more than just learning; it's about reliving the insights and strategies at your pace, ensuring you always stay connected and informed.

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